How will you count the price of your gold?  

We have prepared calculator for this purpose which will count the price in very simple way based on weight and purity. We will pay you this price for your gold at the company Dubai Gold Buyer.

We can buy your gold for 3% under current market price  

Apart from that, we bring you also current prices which you will get only at the company Dubai Gold Buyer for kilogram of gold in four basic purities at our website:

999,9 - 24-carates
750,0 - 18-carates
585,0 - 14-carates
375,0 - 9-carates

Our graph shows current price of gold at the world market
(according to However, we, at the company Dubai Gold Buyer will offer you the best price for your gold in region!


Purity of gold:

24 carates - 999,9 g v 1000 g of gold(pure gold)

18 carates - 750,0 g v 1000 g of gold

14 carates - 585,0 g v 1000 g of gold

9 carates - 375,0 g v 1000 g of gold

8 carates - 333,0 g v 1000 g of gold

(Note: e.g. the purest, 24-carate gold, contains in 1 kilogram 999,9 grams of pure gold, etc. …)

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